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Taiwan New Taipei District Court




Land jurisdiction

Land area under the jurisdiction of this court includes thirteen districts of New Taipei city including Banciao District, Yonghe District, Jhonghe District, Shunlin District, Tucheng District, Sanxia District, Yingge District (the above seven districts are also under the jurisdiction of Banciao Summary Division) and Sanchong District, Sinjhuang District, Lujhou District, Wugu District, Taishan District, Linkou District (the above six districts are also under the jurisdiction of Sanchong Summary Division)

Affairs jurisdiction

  1. Ordinary or summary civil and criminal cases as well as civil small claim cases as courts of the first instance;
  2. Civil and criminal appeals or interlocutory appeals from decisions rendered by the summary divisions;
  3. Juvenile matters;
  4. Family matter
  5. Traffic cases;
  6. Civil compulsory execution cases;
  7. Non-contentious matters;
  8. Civil protection writs;
  9. Rehabilitation of delinquents;
  10. Labor-management disputes;
  11. Elections and recalls;
  12. Violations of the Statute for the Maintenance of Social Order;
  13. Other cases prescribed by law.

Office Hours:

  1. Monday through Friday: 8:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:30*
  2. Please contact the Duty Desk at the Court Police Office after 17:30 weekdays and during weekends.

* Please note that the services provided by Litigation Counseling, Papers receiving, and the cashier are available during the lunch hour on weekdays.


  • Release Date:2020-11-09
  • Update:2020-11-19