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Taiwan New Taipei District Court


A short history of the New Taipei District Court


The New Taipei District Court is located in Tucheng District, New Taipei City, and is at the edge of the Taipei basin. The original name of this court was “Taiwan Taipei District Court Banciao Branch Court”. Tracing its origin to when ”the Taiwan Taipei District Court” took over the “the Japanese-ruled Taipei District Court” on November 1, 1945, and its jurisdiction areas covered Taipei City, Keelung City, Taipei County and etc. After the Taiwan Keelung District Court was established on December 1, 1950, the jurisdiction of the Taiwan Taipei District Court was reduced. The jurisdiction area still included Taipei city and Taipei County, both were important places for politics, culture and the economy. Due to the sudden progress of industry, commerce, and a prosperous economy, resulting in over acceleration of social development and rapid flow of population to the city etc., the number of court cases increased day by day. There was a dearth of office space when the population of Taipei County grew to more than three million. Since it was difficult for the court to handle matters properly, the former judicial administration department suggested the establishment of a new court.

The construction of the new court building was commenced on July 28, 1979 and was completed on November 13, 1980. In addition, the Taiwan Taipei District Court Banciao Branch Court was officially established on February 16. Due to the broad jurisdictional district and the rapid growth of the domicile population, civil and criminal cases increased day by day. By order, the “Taiwan Taipei District Court Banciao Branch Court” was redesignated the “Taiwan Banciao District Court” on April 2, 1981. In order to reduce the workload that became heavier every year, the numbers of judges, clerks, and other administration personnel were augmented, and therefore the space of the original government building was overcrowded. As a result, the “Banciao Summary Division” and The “Sanchong Summary Division “, which would process relevant civil summary matters, were established in 1991.Besides,the "Taiwan Banciao District Court" was renamed the "New Taipei District Court" on January 1, 2013.

Under a limited judicial budget, this court repaired the old building year by year. It also strived to improve the court quality and to enhance various software and hardware facilities that would provide convenience to the public. Following the completion of various renovations, people are now able to not only process matters under a friendly and dignified atmosphere, but also experience the diligence of “Justice for the People”. It is believed that this court would be able to provide better service and to enhance the judicial human rights of the public.

  • Release Date:2020-11-09
  • Update:2020-11-26