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Taiwan New Taipei District Court


Convenience and courtesy measures


Service center for the people

In order to achieve the efficient operation of the New Taipei District Court, enhance the quality of the judicial work, bring the function of justice into full play, and implement the philosophy of providing justice for the people, this court began to “Counter Uniform Operation” in May 1998. In addition, this is based on the provision of “Court Convenience & Courtesy Implementation Essentials” announced by the Judicial Yuan. Apart from trial processing of “Single Window” in Miao Li District Court assigned by the Judicial Yuan, this court is the first court in the country to establish a “Service Center for The People” , which fully executes the uniform counter practice.

An information desk is located at the main entrance of the courthouse. The volunteers behind the information desk will guide you to the one-stop” Service Center for The People” or relevant offices. If you are a non-native speaker of mandarin, or you feel you may require assistance with the language, we recommend that you contact the senior officer at the litigation counseling counter inside the “Service Center for The People”. Assistance will be provided to minimize any difficulties that may arise. It also provides such services as the collection of pleas, fees, payments, and other items; the issuance of receipts and other papers; lodgments, notary services, litigation counseling and assistance, etc.

Convenience measures and other facilities

  1. Friendly judicial volunteer and litigation guidance personnel.
  2. Professional legal service counter.
  3. Highly efficient quick document receipt counter.
  4. Touch screen inquiry computer for citizens.
  5. Finely planned written appeal writing area.
  6. Comfortable and bright waiting area.
  7. Detail auction information inquiry counter.
  8. Precise and clear legal written posters.
  9. Clear office map and signs.
  10. Safe and secret witness, and appraiser (expert witness) lounge.
  11. Joyful marriage hall.
  12. Baby day nursery.
  13. Other services include books, newspapers, magazines, sphygmomanometer, eyeglasses, wheel-chairs, baby trolleys, etc.
  • Release Date:2020-11-09
  • Update:2020-11-26