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Convenience and courtesy measures

1. Service center for the people
In order to achieve the purpose of the operation of Judicial Yuan and to enhance the quality of the judicial work, to bring the function of justice into full play and to implement the philosophy of providing justice for the people, since May 1998, this court has already started to plan the “Counter Uniform Operation”. In addition, this is processed based on the provision of “Court Convenience & Courtesy Implementation Essentials”announced by the Judicial Yuan. Apart from trial processing of “Single Window” in Miao Li District Court assigned by the Judicial Yuan, this court is the first court in the country to establish the “Service Center For The People”and fully executes the uniform counter practice.
The entire area of the”Service Center For The People” adopts open space and low counter design coping with central ventilation equipment and brand new OA office furniture so as to reach a bright and warm effect that can facilitate discussions and the old government office style is completely thrown off. In addition, in the service center, number paging service method is adopted. A person will first acquire a number tag and then go to the counter to obtain service based on the number displayed in the number paging light and broadcast.

2. Convenience measures and other facilities
1. Friendly judicial volunteer and litigation guidance person
2. Professional legal service counter
3. Highly efficient quick document receipt counter
4. Touch screen inquiry computer for citizen
5. Finely planned written appeal writing area
6. Comfortable and bright waiting area
7. Detail auction information inquiry counter
8. Precise and clear legal written poster
9. Clear office map and sign
10. Safe and secret witness and appraiser lounge
11. Joyful marriage hall
12. Baby day nursery
13. Other services including books, newspapers, magazines, sphygmomanometer, eyeglasses, wheel chair, baby trolleys,and etc.


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