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1. Land jurisdiction
Land area under the jurisdiction of this court includes thirteen townships and cities of Taipei County including Banciao City, Yonghe City, Jhonghe City, Shunlin City, Tucheng City, Sanxia Township, Yingge Township (the above seven townships and cities are also under the jurisdiction of Banciao Summary Division) and Sanchong City, Sinjhuang City, Lujhou City, Wugu Township, Taishan Township, Linkou Township (the above six townships and cities are also under the jurisdiction of Sanchong Summary Division)

2.Affairs jurisdiction
1. First trial civil and criminal matters, normal and simple contentious matters and civil small amount matters.
2. Appeal to the judgment and sentence by the summary division on civil and criminal matters.
3. Juvenile matter.
4. Domestic matter.
5. Traffic matter.
6. Civil compliance and enforcement matter.
7. Non-contentious matter.
8. Domestic Affairs injunction matter.
9. Gangster reformation matter
10. Employment dispute matter.
11. Election & impeachment matter.
12. Violation of social order matter.
13. Other case (matter) provided by law.


Taiwan New Taipei District Court Address:No.249, Sec.2,Jincheng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 23652
Taiwan New Taipei District Court No. 2 Court Area Address:No. 1, Lane 30, Min Sheng Road, Sec. 1, Banciao Dist., New Taipei City  22008
Taiwan New Taipei District Court Sanchong Summary Division Address:No. 145, Chung Hsin Road, Sec. 3, Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City  24141