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This court is located inside Tucheng City, Taipei County and is at the edge of the Taipei basin. This location is at the southeast bank of Tahan Stream and therefore it has a geographical environment of leaning against mountains and by the side of river. The original name of this court is “Taiwan Taipei District Court Banciao Branch Court”. By tracing its origin, it started from the time when the ”Taiwan Taipei District Court” took over the “Japanese-ruled Taipei District Court” on November 1, 1945 and the name was changed to “Taiwan Taipei District Court”. Its jurisdiction areas covered Taipei City, Keelung City , Taipei County and etc. After the “Taiwan Keelung District Court”was established on December 1, 1950, the jurisdiction of the “Taiwan Taipei District Court” was reduced. Still, the jurisdiction include Taipei city and Taipei county ,both are important places for politics, culture and economy. Under the influence sudden progress of industry and commerce, prosperous economy, over acceleration of social development and rapid flow of population to the city and etc., the business was inevitably in large volume and the number of cases increased day by day. The office spaces were jammed especially at that time when the population of Taipei County under its jurisdiction had already reached more than two million. In order to avoid the organization of the “Taiwan Taipei District Court” to be too huge and disorderly that it was difficult for the court to handle matters properly and in order to facilitate citizens to conduct official matters and to attend the court, the former judicial administration department suggested to establish a court. The “Taiwan Taipei District Court”, was ordered to be responsible for its planning and preparation and the prosecutors’ division of the same court also joined this project. In addition, it coordinated with the Taipei County Government and the Taipei County Council. The Taipei County Council passed the resolution on February 14, 1977 and suggested to establish the court in Taipei County. Therefore, the Taipei County Government reported to the Taiwan Provincial Government and letter was sent to the former judicial administration department for acceptance that reverted this request to the Executive Yuan for consent. Later on, the Taipei County Government provided two lots of scheduled land No. 8 and 9 of the Tucheng Township Urban Planning Authority as the address of the court with an area of about 2.1288 hectares. On February 1, and April 6, 1978 , discussion was held with the landowner and for the required land, most of it was purchased and a small part was collected by the Taipei County Government. The construction of the new court building was commenced on July 28, 1979 and was completed on November 13, 1980. In addition, the 「Taiwan Taipei District Court Banciao Branch Court」was officially established on February 16 that would handle the first trial on civil and criminal contentious and non-contentious matters in thirteen townships and cities in Taipei County including Banciao, Jhonghe, Yonghe, Tucheng, Sanxia, Yingge, Shulin, Sanchong, Sinjhuang, Lujhou, Wugu, Taishan and Linkou etc. Today the population in this jurisdictional district is close to two million and eight hundred thousand.
The address of this court is located at No. 138, Ching Yun Road, Tucheng City, Taipei County. Due to the broad jurisdictional district and the rapid growth of the domicile population , the civil and criminal contentious and non-contentious matters increased day by day. By order, the “Taiwan Taipei District Court Banciao Branch Court” was revised as the “Taiwan Banciao District Court”on April 2, 1981. In order to lessen the workload that became heavy day by day the numbers of judges, clerks and other administration personnel were added and therefore the space of the original government building was crammed. As a result the “Banciao Summary Division” was established in Banciao City, Taipei County on July 1, 1991 that would process relevant civil summary matters for Banciao City, Yonghe City, Jhonghe City, Shulin City, Tucheng City, Sanxia Township and Yingge Township. Afterwards this division was relocated to the Second Office Building of this court at No. 1, Lane 20, Min Sheng Road, Banciao City, Taipei County. The “Sanchong Summary Division”was established on August 1, 1991 that would process relevant civil summary matters for Sanchong City, Sinjhuang City, Lujhou City, Taishan Township, Wugu Township and Linkou Township in Taipei County. Later, this division was relocated to the new constructed building at No. 145, Chung Sin Road, Sanchong City, Taipei County.
Under a limited judicial budget, this court repaired old building year by year and also strived to improve the court quality and enhanced various software and hardware facilities that would provide convenience to people. Following the completion of various renovation are able to not only people process matters under a friendly and solemn atmosphere, but also experience the attentiveness of “Justice for the People”. It is believed that this court would be able to provide better service so as to enhance the judicial human right and the judicial public trust.


Taiwan New Taipei District Court Address:No.249, Sec.2,Jincheng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 23652
Taiwan New Taipei District Court No. 2 Court Area Address:No. 1, Lane 30, Min Sheng Road, Sec. 1, Banciao Dist., New Taipei City  22008
Taiwan New Taipei District Court Sanchong Summary Division Address:No. 145, Chung Hsin Road, Sec. 3, Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City  24141